Why Ecopoxy?

We believe, that the best tools and materials are a key-ingredient in a process of creating beautiful, contemporary and social – responsible epoxy products.  We are woodworkers and creators as you are with aim to beautify the world around us. Having vast experience with different epoxies, we have tried to work with Ecopoxy, high bio – content epoxy, and found this is the best epoxy resin we want to work with.

Ecopoxy is exceptionally easy to work with, have literally no smell, makes creation process an exciting experience.

The only one on the market 50% bio based product is supporting social – responsible approach throughout all production chain.

Ecopoxy is a line of products which are very versatile for horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Find out more on our flagship product: ECOPOXY LIQUID PLASTIC

If you have bigger project you can send your request via email to receive an individual quotation!

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