Pigment Glow In The Dark

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Epoxy resin pigment Glow In The Dark by Rivertable.

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Pigment Glow In The Dark by Rivertable.

It is not only strong glowing in the dark powder, but combined with good price remains very attractive addition to your epoxy resin projects.

Aqua Blue W475

Average particle size: 100-120um (0,1-0,12mm) – suitable for many applications.

Afterglow intensity under norm DIN67 510 ( mcd/m2): 10s – 6144, 1min – 3035, 5min – 1027, 10min – 554, 30min – 167, 60min – 70, 120min – 28, 600min – 3.

Waterproof – Yes

Aqua Blue 450

Average particle size: 35-45um (0,035-0,045mm)

Afterglow intensity under norm DIN67 510 ( mcd/m2) : 10s – 7873, 1min – 2688, 5min – 953, 10min – 501, 30min – 140, 60min – 56, 120min – 24, 600min – 3.

Waterproof – No

 Yellow Green W450

Average particle size: 45-65um (0,045-0,065mm)

Afterglow intensity under norm DIN67 510 ( mcd/m2) : 10s – 9308, 1min – 3117, 5min – 855, 10min – 456, 30min – 134, 60min – 59, 120min – 26, 600min – 4.

Waterproof – Yes

 Yellow Green 660

Average particle size: 100-120um (0,1-0,12mm)

Afterglow intensity under norm DIN67 510 ( mcd/m2) : 10s – 14120, 1min – 5132, 5min – 1425, 10min -739 , 30min – 232, 60min – 100, 120min -43 , 600min – 6.

Waterproof – No

Important pigment data:

After – glow time: 12 hours, but the best effect is visible during first 2-3 hours.

Temperature resistance: -40 up to 500C.

Lifespan: 15 years.

Simple rules of using our luminescent pigments:

Depending of medium used and anticipated result, we suggest to use 5% up to 30% of pigment by it’s mass. It is mostly recommended to make some tests before starting main work with pigment – you’ll be able to determine the best proportions of mixing for your application.

Medium that is used with luminescent pigment Glow in the dark, should be transparent as much as possible. This is required to get pigment enough light to charge.

Then its glowing will be not interrupted. It’s possible (and sometimes even suggested) to mix some dye with medium to get interesting colour of product in daylight – but please remember to add only a bit of dye to keep medium transparent. Less transparent medium will cause weaker glowing – but very small addition of dye will not harm glowing much.

If thin layer of pigment is used (for example as a paint) it’s important to put it on bright surface – dark colour surfaces can effectively decrease glowing power of the pigment. In case of painting it may be also a good idea to make 2  – 3 layers instead of one thick layer.

The Glow in the dark pigment isn’t waterproof. Due to this fact it should be stored in a dry place, properly sealed. During work with pigment should avoid using medium contaminated with water.

If you are not sure which pigment should you choose for application we encourage you to read a short manual “How to choose proper luminescent pigment” in FAQ section.

Luminescent pigment the Glow in the dark powder is produced basing on strontium aluminate. This is new generation of this kind of pigments superior to older generation based on sulphides.

It isn’t flammable, toxic nor radioactive. Also it’s neutral to environment. However, strontium aluminate creates small, hard and rough crystals which may cause irritation. Because of this fact during work with raw luminescent pigment you should protect your eyes and airways.

The Glow in the dark powder absorbs both visible light and UV, unlike the older generation UV doesn’t destroy it.

Full data of the pigment is available in technical data sheet – see below. On customer request we can send MSDS of pigment.

If you are not sure if this pigment will be good for your application feel free to write to us – we are always ready to help you.

Weight 0.1 kg

Aqua – blue W475 – 100g, Aqua – blue 450 – 100g, Yellow – green W450 – 100g, Yellow – green 660 – 100g


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